General Body

The Engineering Student Council comprises the Student Body President, five Vice Presidents, four Class Councils, and many Student Representatives. Every member of ESC serves on a committee. There are five committees: policy, finance, student life, communications, and DEI. 

Engineering Student Council General Body

Student Body President: Angel Mancera

Vice Presidents

Policy: Matthew Wahl

Finance: Chloe Harrah

Student Life: Gabe Guo

Communications: HaYoung Jin

DEI: Stella Lessler

University Senator: Elias Tzoc-Pacheco

Class of 2023

President: Kennedy Ariana Salamat

Vice President: Matthew Lange

Representatives: Athena Pagon, Arianna Pahlavan

Class of 2024

President: Tomi Fiure

Vice President: Stephen Pasch

Representatives: Teodora Sutilovic, Fabiana Romer-Valencia


Class of 2025

President: Alexander Schwartz

Vice President: Kavika Krishnan

Representatives: N/A

Class of 2026

President: Peder Dingsor

Vice President: Rachinta Marpaung

Representatives: Janie Zhang, Elvin Ko

Technology Issues: Alpha Kaba

Racial Diversity & Inclusion Issues: Taylor Dade

First-Generation and Low-Income Issues: Jazmyn Beasley

Gender Identity & Sexuality Issues: Frieda Farias

Disability & Accessibility Issues: Elsie Devey

Academic Affairs Issues: Tameem Asif

Alumni Affairs & Professional Development Issues: Spencer Austin

Campus Affairs Issues: Sergio Butron

International Students Issues: María Valerio Roa

Combined Plan 3-2 Issues: Yidi Reiss

Student Health & Wellness Issues: Stephanie Tarrab