The Columbia University Engineering Student Council strives to foster a more inclusive and equitable community, to improve student access to academic, professional, and extracurricular resources, and to amplify student voices in campus decision-making.

General Body

Engineering Student Council is composed of a student body president, four VPs, four class councils, and several representatives

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    General Body

    Join us at our general body meetings!

    Mon 9:30pm-10:30pm ET

    Student Body President: Estevan Mesa

    Helpful Links

    Some useful resources and student council initiatives that you can check out!

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    Columbia's central hub for all student organizations

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    SEAS Events Google Calendar

    Google Calendar to automatically stay up-to-date with ESC and SEAS events!

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    ESC Constitution

    ESC's latest constitution, amended March 11, 2019

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    Essential Policies of Columbia University

    A catalog of important Columbia University-wide policy resources