Vice President of Finance: Sophia Sagandyk

Members: Theo Mack, Ashley Rosenberg, Stephanie Guo, Angel Mancera, Jarom Miller, Zhuoli Zhang

Time and Location

The Finance Committee meets every Sunday from 3:00pm-4:00pm ET. 

What the Finance Committee is Working On

The Finance Committee focuses on primarily on its role in multiple funds and grants: Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Committee (JCCC), SEAS Dean Travel Fund, Capital Investment Fund (CIF), and Project Grants.

The Finance Committee pursues finance initiatives for the greater good of the students. In 2019-2020, this committee is working on subsidized Metrocards for SEAS students of all years.

In general, the Finance Committee is also also in charge of the internal and external budget, which is mostly set in Funding @ Columbia University ([email protected]), and continuing to attain the funding behind many of the student council events that serve the student body.